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Monday, September 21, 2009

Trouble in River City: Watching local evening news on Television

Do you watch local TV evening news? I don't. I used to.

Actually, we probably don't even need it anymore, since we have many more sources for information gathering. We also tend to form our own opinions these days, not someone else's. Just how many weather forecasts do I have to watch? How many fires, stabbings, robberies, etal. It's the same each night. Only the names change. I'm kinda happy that the US auto companies went 'bellyup'. No more local car dealer commercials, of someone sitting on a bull, trying to sell me a Dodge truck. Instead, we get your local 'accident lawyers', and commercials attempting to sell me medications that eliminate some of my physical dysfunctionality. I don't need either, thank you.

Donald Barnhouse, an old local news guy in Philadelphia sumed it up pretty well:

"This is not an information medium", he said. "This is not an entertainment medium. This is a selling medium"

Today's news is built on the Music Man model - scare 'em (You got trouble in River City), and maybe they'll buy something.

And then you've got to sit through the other 'newscast': Entertainment Tonight.

"And that's no bull"!

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