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Friday, September 25, 2009

First Your Car, Then Your Cheeseburger...Now What?

"First they came for your car," said Conn Carroll in The Heritage Foundation's The Foundry blog. "Then for your cheeseburger. Now those crazy environmentalists want to control how you wipe." So stock up on the soft stuff, America.

"There is a battle for America's behinds," said David A. Fahrenthold in The Washington Post. Environmental groups say plush toilet paper is "a menace" and a "dark-comedy" example of American excess.

Well, here comes the 'tree theory' again. Chopping down too many trees, to make toilet paper. How about all those trees to build houses? Why not make homes out of cement or even straw bale hay? I don't know the numbers, but taking a stand on 'toilet paper' resonants with someone's myopic view of the world. A 'behind the scenes look' if you will.

One suggestion is to use leaves (oh that poor tree) or scrap paper (that's an owie). "Honey, where's the newspaper I left on the table?"

Bruce Watson in Daily Finance noted that Americans have an obsession with quilted, super-soft toilet paper. Now that's hitting 'below the belt', Bruce.

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