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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Marketing Consultant: Uniquely Ubiquitous

Ah! Another oxymoron. The definition of ubiquitous: "Being everywhere at the same time. Constantly encountering". That's simple. Someone or something all around us, never letting go, constantly engaging. That pretty much sums up the role of a consultant. The requirement to be here, there, and everywhere. Now, "unique" means being only one of a kind. Exclusive. Remember that. I love that terminology too!

For that reason I love being ubiquitous. I also love being unique. There's a certain ring to the 'brand'. Even Mr. Ubiquitous will do, thank you.

It means that you are actually doing something right. Demands are made upon you. They increase with each new client. You are constantly being encountered by those around you. They engage you at every client visit. While you are just as engaging. Ubiquitous is then a term of affection. You bring a uniqueness to the table. You are Mr. Unique Ubiquitous. Now your 'brand' is only one of a kind, who is everywhere at the same time. Understand it! That's what you need to be.

What you don't want to happen is that you become outdated, remote, used infrequently. You want to be 'digital', not analog. You don't want to lose 'the signal'. You always want to be current. One step ahead in terms of futures, vision, competition, technological advancement. Whatever it is, you need to remain ahead of IT. (reminds me of a Stephen King novel, but that's another story).

If not, you are no longer Mr U.U. (see above). When you realize that you are not uniquely ubiquitous any longer, you join the long line of once proud and once constantly encountered things:
white wall tires
carbon paper
Winchester drives
colored toilet paper
green stamps
slide rules

As a consultant you never want to be compared to this list.It would be like someone saying to you "roll down the window" or "dial the phone". If you are, you are no longer a consultant. Nor are you special. People will not seek you out. You do not want to lose the one thing that sets you apart: unique ubiquity!

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