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Saturday, September 26, 2009

So Long to the Gatekeepers

You may recall that every creative work, whether it was music, movies, art, poetry, a newspaper article, had to be approved. Approved by whom you ask? Gatekeepers have always been a haven for 'approval'. Bad people never got through. They also saved us from those with agenda's different from their own. They said NO alot.

Gatekeepers retained the organization. They processed, screened and exited people. Only a few 'got through'. In the government, these bureaucrats made certain no one circumvented.

But hey, we found ways to do just that. In business and in government. The gatekeeping job holds no future. It is a structure of an industrial era quickly turning to digital. A universe without 'bars' or constraints in how we communicate. We control ourselves. Self-control. How refreshing.

Self directed people are now in control of their own future. And that does not include 'barriers to greatness', created by gatekeepers. If I want to publish an article, I don't need anyone's approval. A web page. A blog. Videos, pod-casts. And the shift is not a subtle one. The only blessing you require is your own. No 'cheetah flips'.

The gatekeeper is replaced by the market, the social mores, your own intuitiveness.
We now can circumvent those impediments. Get rid of the requirement for gatekeepers. They don't make decisions anyway. They are there to stop you. To form an adversarial environment that inhibits entrepreneurial pro-activity.

More importantly, those gatekeepers who control whether you got a job or not are finally on the exit ramp. The 'new deal' is that in this day, you don't even need to be employed by one company or even two. You can carve out your own niche without having an employer control how you actually get paid. Micro-business. Income without a gatekeeper. Look at Ebay and others.Gatekeeping will always be there in some rudimentary form. Let's be realistic. However, their presence will be minimized.

It will finally come down to individuals and entrepreneurial businesses creating their own efficiencies, their own benchmarks, without the impediment of the gatekeeper.

"'Because I'm a special gatekeeper. I'm the head gatekeeper. Because, although, as you can see, I'm only a head, I'm also the gatekeeper. Which makes me the head gatekeeper. Which makes me very special, don't you agree?'"
— Robert Rankin (The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse)

Well, actually no.

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  1. Robert,

    Whether you like it or not, I am now your gatekeeper. Just as you have no-one who stops you publishing your article, I have no-one who forces me to read it. I choose to read or not to read. I am the gatekeeper of my mind. Unless you have that special knock, that special key, that special pass that interests me, I won't let you into my mind.

    Damn! You sneaked through this time.



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