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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The "No Jerks Rule"

We’ve got a no jerks rule here. Jerk bosses and cultures drive good people out of many organizations. If we find out we’ve got a bad egg, we want them out as quickly as possible. Few human resource managers or executives take action to avoid hiring jerks. We don't.

We have a few simple rules:
"No politics, no parochialism, no silos, no games, no cynicism, no arrogance". Bring any one of these attitudes to the table, and you are gone.

However, we go one step further before we do the hiring. At a small firm, we don’t have time to deal with distractions from one person. We call it the airplane rule. BEFORE we hire someone, we imagine having to sit next to this person for eight hours on a plane. If we don't think we can stand it, we don't hire them.

At this point in our careers, we need to be totally transparent. We need to be excited about what we do, and we need people who are just as excited about the job, not the title. And thus, the 'no jerks' rule.

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  1. The evolving food consumer pays no attention to politics, parochialism, silos, they are in fact cynics of copy cat chain restaurants and poor service. They want Grocerant ready-to-eat & ready-to-heat flavored food! This was again a very good post! Thank you!


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