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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

About B.R.A.N.D ing

Kevin Randall in the latest edition of Fast Company said it pretty well, when talking about corporate and personal Branding:


Your brand positioning must be credible both with your customers and employees.


You and your colleagues need to be close enough to your customers to develop products and services that truly meet their needs. Southwest Air


While your brand strategy should be relevant for today and specific markets, it also needs to be flexible, broad and viable over the long haul. General Electric

N--Numerically based

How you arrive at the brand strategy as well as measure your business' alignment with it and marketing effectiveness must be based on objective data and customer and market inputs versus gut.


One of the toughest challenges is to create a brand strategy that is unique. Apple Computer

On a personal level, it's not much different. You need to be believable, relevant, adaptable, quantitative, and unique. That should be our brand strategy....and the consultant in all of us.

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