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Friday, September 25, 2009

Something Strange in the Netherland of "Searching for Work"..

You would think that all of these 'executive' websites, like Execunet and Ladders would be overwhelmed with applicants willing to pay these people $30. per month for these so-called executive jobs. Fact is, they are suffering too, just like those dregs: CareerBuilder and Monster. And they should. It's mostly misguided hope, wrapped in eliquent dreams.

Do you see how many times a company like Disney or IBM advertises for senior jobs? Do you actually think that Disney or IBM would hire senior management from the internet? There's a reason company's advertise positions, that are sometimes non-existent. They need to report hiring practices and demographics to the federal government, so that there is 'fairness in rejection', I would surmise. When asked what my background is, I always check "polynesian'. But there they are, week-in-out, with the same 'bloggery'. Just doing what the Feds ask them to do.

What's happening out there? I hope people are just getting smarter. There are no great jobs on any of these web sites. They are 'repeat/repeat and no peat'. Your anticipation of hope, with no hope.

You want to work insurance sales. Great. I have a class starting tonight. You won't get paid but (I like this) it is UNCAPPED commissions with 'unlimted potential'. Call my brother-in-law, Vinny!But, it is entreprenurial sales. I like that terminology.

Do you have a PhD in microbinolulo, advanced physical fitness with two other MBA degrees from Harvard? Want to work on a 1099, part time, with no benefits? Call me.

How about drugs? Yes, pharmaceuticals? Lots of jobs. But you better have spent your entire career selling one thing: Aspirin, or something close to it. "No pain, no gain" is the slogan here.

Then there is the VP of systematic research analytical biometrical physical anthropy, with no relocation assistance. Must reside in Sheboogen. Locals only. No phone calls. Ah Ah!

How about an FBI agent. Must be under 35. What about age discrimination laws. Doesn't hold up with the Feds.

Remember that great headhunting firm, Korn-Ferry. Those demogods of executive head hunting? I got a job from them once. Look at their web site if you can find it. Those jobs are so granular that they'd have to cyber-develop a person to fill them. The Terminator! The bionic man. OK, woman, gay person, person-of-color, Green-card, off-shore, waiter, elephant care-taker, pizza pie maker, BPO, bro, hindu, christian, Dominus Vobiscum.

You get my point. If you don't, go ahead and spend your time on this stuff. You will be disappointed. Oh, and don't forget the guys at MRI, Cybercoders, Eatyaheartout, search firms. Contingent search is the term. Hype. That is spelled N.A.D.A.

In today's world, if you don't do it yourself, it won't get done. And if you are spending $30+ month on these web sites, you need your resume examined by a professional. They offer that too. Oh, and that'll cost you another $150 or more. Call me at 555.555.5555. Little or no money down.

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