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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Analog Pigeon

Take that, technology, said BBC News. "Broadband promised to unite the world with super-fast data delivery—but in South Africa it seems the Web is still no faster than a humble pigeon." An IT company, Unlimited IT, set up the race between an 11-month-old bird named Winston and the ADSL service of the country's biggest Web firm, Telekom. Winston took two hours to carry a 4GB data stick 60 miles; in the same time, 4 percent of the data had been transferred via ADSL.

Add to that fact, that I was at a convenience store yesterday, and I questioned the amount of the bill. The clerk stated: "thinking is not what my mind does." Oh really.
Perhaps there is a relationship here, between internet, broadband, and the human beings among us. When we simply move data, it usually is at a 'click' of an electronic device. A cash register or a computer.
We don't really think about it all. We just 'push some buttons' to get from here to there. We don't think about what we do. The pigeon, on the other hand, has an analog mindset. When he moves, he needs to think about where he is and where he's going.

So, even in a business environment, there is adequate occasion to think on an 'analog' basis, a human scale, if you will. Talking rather then 'texting'. Getting from here to there by walking. Listening to voice, rather then reading text. There's an uncommonality between the pigeon and the convenience store clerk: the pigeon needed to 'think'. Perhaps we need to do more of that ourselves.

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  1. You left out whistling instead of tweeting. But then, if you walk around whistling during these hard times people think you have a bird brain.

    Well done in turning a story about a pigeon into a teaching moment.

    James McIntosh


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