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Monday, November 30, 2009

HeadShots and Talking Avatars

Now, as a consultant, I'm certainly no expert at the manner in which people professionally display themselves. Nevertheless, I've recently noticed that people on social networks tend to display themselves, in what I consider to be, a less then eloquent form. Here's a few I don't recommend,but see often:
1) A picture of you and your dog -- what's that all about? Should I hire the dog, or does it come in 'combo'?
2) You are on the phone with someone -- why...and who cares? The phone in your ear is a distraction from well... you.
3) A 'head shot' taken with a stupid background. You know, a palm tree, at the beach, in your bathing suit.
4) Just your eyes. Or something worse, just your chest shot. That's it. Am I suppose to remember something here?
5) Holding a baby -- And I thought politicians were stupid.
6) Sunglasses -- I'm impressed by the tan, but the glasses? And I live in Minnesota.

Let's understand that in these situations, we are attempting to promote ourselves in the very best light possible. The dog, the phone, the beach, the bathing suit, the eyes, the chest...has nothing to do with anything.

And for the life of me, I cannot figure it all out. Someone pinch me.


  1. Don't get you started on Facebook profile pics then I'm assuming. That's blog fodder for sure!

  2. You've seen it. Yep...facebook too. I like to see people, not eyes or chests...or other thingees.


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