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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What If Everyone Just Stopped Sending Resumes?

I don't know about you, but over the last 10 years I've never gotten a job or a project by applying for it. Those that I did get, came to me...not me to them.

Today, I see most people 'looking for work'. You know, sending out those resumes to headhunters, HR people, and non-existent web postings. 150 or more a month. Then sitting back, and waiting and waiting...and then just simply forgetting.

What if everyone just stopped looking? Stopped responding. Yes, just stopped applying. Just halted the resume-out strategy. What if we just waited for 'them'? What if CareerBuilder and Monster had to contact you first, because no one was responding to their stuff?

Many groups would be in quite a quandary, don't you think? The HR person (the gatekeeper) would have nothing to do! She wouldn't be able to send out the "DO NOT REPLY" e-mail that says, 'we received your resume. Looks good, and good luck'.

The headhunters would be tearing out their hair, since they can't 'read' 100 resumes a day now, and conduct 10 phone interviews. What else would they all do? For starters, they'd have to pick up the phone and actually call you. They'd have to make the first attempt at contact. And it would be frustrating for them. You would make it that way on purpose. Because NOW, the entire leverage would shift to YOU...and not them or the companies they work for.

I'd even take time to put them off awhile. "Contact me next week sometime, because... I'M BUSY!

Just imagine the impact if everyone would just stop sending resumes! Things would be 'greener', e-mails would be terminated. Phone interviews would be non-existent because you would refuse them! HR and search firms would be looking for candidates on your terms, if not work in a different field of endeavor.

And you would all be happier in the process, I am certain. Rather, you'd be concentrating on how to really go about securing a 'real job'; and not wasting your precious time in sending out resumes.

There's an old Irish saying: "May your phone ring off the hook, and your e-mail box be full"...or something to that effect.

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