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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Musing About this Week...

The Governor of California says that aside from the beverage tax, he will now impose a pizza tax, by the slice. So... if you order a pizza, don't have them cut it. Ahead of the curve, as usual!

There are so many reality TV shows about jobs- dirty jobs, handyman jobs, cop jobs, etc.
Says something about us. SO many people are unemployed it's become exciting to watch people on tv actually working. A job and health benefits are exciting TV scripts.
And with so many people out of work, ratings on these shows is just great.

The one thing that would make the Olympics just perfect would be a bobsled colliding with Matt Lauer. How true!

Just in:Toyota Chief, Toyoda, Recalls All Cars to Correct Spelling Error (Deep thought).


Full Body Scans to Double as Annual Checkups « Borowitz Report: via @addthis

John Mellencamp for Senate?

In the last decade layoffs have become America's export to the world:

"Good day, this is your captain speaking.Shortly, we'll be cutting off the oxygen in economy.It can be purchased for a nickel a minute"

And that is my 'week in review' so to speak. Have a better 'next week'.

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