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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mr Toyoda goes to Six Flags...

The President of Toyota today, was driving from New York's Kennedy Airport, to the US Congressional Committee hearings in Washington D.C. However, he ended up in Richmond, Virginia. Reason he said: "the car wouldn't stop".

When he finally arrived in D.C., he was greeted by 10 Congressmen lined up outside the building, sitting in their Hummers, and holding signs that read: "Nothing gets by a Hummer".

Nevertheless, Mr Toyoda, still driving his Toyota, was last seen on I-95 just south of Philadelphia, apparently on his way to Six Flags in New Jersey.

According to eyewitnesses, Mr Toyoda apparently was not even driving the car. He was seen 'texting' on his cell phone and yelling something to passersby, and then putting both his arms in the air, as if riding on a roller coaster. Those Japanese executives sure know how to have fun, don't they?

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