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Monday, August 31, 2009

Texas Considers Union Secession. Is this "All Hat and No Cattle?"

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's talk of secession really struck a nerve, said Wayne Slater in the Dallas Morning News.

Perry raised the possibility at an April anti-tax "tea party," but on Saturday a group called the Texas Nationalist Movement rallied in Austin calling on the governor to follow through. The secessionists want the state legislature to put a referendum on the ballot asking whether Texas should leave the Union.

I hope to be kicked to death by grasshoppers if it ain't the truth.

AH SHUCKS! Now we have Texas and Hawaii wanting to leave the Union. California, mentality, has already left. I think we should let them secceed. It would teach everyone a lesson. And you would need a passport to get in. No, a visa.

McKinlay Kantor, author of Andersonville, wrote another, less well-known book, If The South Had Won the Civil War. In it, he noted if the South had won, there would still be the Union (albeit less states), there would be the Confederacy (with the addition of Arizona), and one other big thing:
The Republic of Texas! There are actually only three states that began as independent Republics: Texas, California, and Arizona. Hawaii is a Kingdom.

So, here's to those Texians (not a mis-spell) who think this idea is as big as 'all get out'. I don't know if that dog will hunt, but it sure is something to ponder.
Some Texians will be as happy as a gopher in soft dirt. On the other hand, it might be "all hat and no cattle".


  1. "Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit."

  2. Robert,

    Would the remaining states still have to protect the Texans from the Mexicans who want Texas back? I don't know much about this country's history, but I do know that people who bluster and threaten often need help from those calm types who just do and get on with it.

    Oh for Pete's sake. Put your gun down. I was only joking. After all, I'm not a calm type nor a blusterer. I'm an innocent bystander.

    The Chief Nonsense Officer


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