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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If you want a a toaster

I Was Just Thinking: "If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster."Simple, trivial things can come with guarantees but important things just don't. Toasters do one thing. They toast. So, a guarantee to 'toast' is trivial, but important to the person who wants "just toast'. In our world, and our clients, sometimes, guarantees are important.So, how do we address this situation? This demand?It is not an easy answer. We don't, hopefully, deal in commodities. That just denigrates our 'brand' and expertise. We don't negotiate lower fees, because another organization is proposing them. And we don't compromise our or otherwise.And that's our guarantee. To do the work that we promised in a professional manner, objectively reporting results (for good/bad), and being forthright, honest and convincing to the clients with whom we deal.I have heard it over and over: We need to sustain profits, we need to increase 'cash flow'...we need...we need."Profits, like sausages... are esteemed most by those who know least about what goes into them."

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  1. Sounds of clint eastwood. Love it!


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