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Thursday, August 20, 2009

EMS Technologies: Client Case Study

EMS Technologies, Inc., is a world leader in wireless-based broadband communications equipment, developing equipment that supports two-way internet communications and content delivery.

THE Objective: Organize the sales effort and Develop a pipeline for DVB-RCS technology in order to increase the valuation of the division so that it can be spun-out and sold.

The Challenge:
Minimal brand awareness and value-add capabilities in the US.
Limited US standards for the technology. Mostly European-based.
No strategic orientation to the market universe and potential customers

The Deliverables:
Build the pipeline and establish OEM targets such as Alcatel and Clear Channel
Measure performance (ROI, Sales metrics, forecasting)
Strategy development
Tactical Execution
Establish DVB-RCS Standards definitions

The Results:
Division was sold 12 months later at substantially higher valuation
Pipeline was filled with prominent potential customers (Alcatel, Clear Channel, Home Depot, Southern California Edison)
Business process was changed to address US-centric opportunities (e.g. OEM/channel partner strategy.
NOTE: DVB-RCS is defined as Digital Video Broadcast/Return Channel Satellite.

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