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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Thought for 2009

Well, when I was a kid we would gather fallen leaves from the oak trees around the house. We'd play in them in mid-October, and then towards the end of the month, we'd actually burn them. Everyone did it. It wasn't a crime. It was then, an event!
The leaves burning, smelled good, as I recall. And it was total fun. The smell, the laughter, the community, the people I knew...all together to accomplish a simple task...burning leaves without interruption.

At Christmas-time, we'd take the old Christmas trees and put them in a field above the house. There were a few dozen trees. We light the fire, and burn them too. Everyone in the neighborhood would be there. It was wonderful. It wasn't a crime either. No police. No 911-calls. Just a few kids from the neighborhood. And everyone in the neighborhood knew what we were doing. Having a good time. It was legal.

Today, we have, where I live, 'no burn days'. Christmas Eve and New Years Eve among them. You can't burn in your fireplace. There's a fine from $50 to $250 if you do, and 'they' find out. Problem is, someone has to report it, and an official inspector has to witness it. How many fines? ZERO. Not one person complained.

My point: The federal government has got to stop 'the small stuff'. Yes, people who burn wood in their fireplace on Christmas Eve is not a crime. There are way bigger fish to fry in this world we live in. There are too many federal and state regulators. Too many organizations. Too many people. All attempting to inform me how I should conduct my daily activities "for the good of the people". I'm now attempting to figure out what that 'good' is and for 'what people'.

It certainly can get better. Just let me burn some old leaves from that old oak tree, and put a fire on, in my home fireplace, without someone, somewhere deciding to issue me a citation for not paying attention to the 'common good'. Whatever that is defined as. Please.

And with that,I'm going out to the desert to have an illegal Cuban cigar with an illegal fire, with a few illegal people, to usher in a New Year. You all have a great New Year.


  1. We did the same thing and the smell of the leaves was enjoyed by all. Thank you for your post this year they were pleaseure to read.

  2. Wow...quite a conservative viewpoint on Big Government. I love it. :-) I too have enjoyed your posts this year and will look forward to hearing more from you in 2010. t


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