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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've Been Attacked by a Free Range Chicken...

Yep. I was shopping at Fry's/Kroger today. I was looking for a nice chicken. Well, I found one. A 'free ranger', not enslaved I would surmise. $17.00 for a chicken. That chicken should have stood up and danced for that price!

Have we all gone insane? A two-pound chicken at almost $8.00 per lb? Somebody pinch me please. Actually, I just wanted your average chicken... about two pounds for five bucks. I didn't need a gorilla on top of that! It's a chicken... last I looked.

In any case, in this economic malaise, with the unemployment rate above 10%, why in the world would anyone offer a chicken priced at $17? So, they let the bird run around the yard at his own pace. Only in America.

Free range or enslaved. A chicken is a chicken? Right. I still can't tell the difference.

Where the hell is John Wayne when I need him? Pass me that wing, will ya, Pilgrim? Is that a 'free range' wing? "Oh find me a home where the chickens roam", were his last words.

I gotta go now. I have a 'range chicken' on the phone who needs an agent.


  1. Like the new look. :-) Personally, I prefer a free range chicken, but we cut out toilet paper to afford it. jk.

  2. Your paying for the range not the chicken! It is important to note that there is not any nutritional value difference between a “free range” and non free range chicken!

  3. Whole chickens are about a buck a lb these days...


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