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Friday, October 23, 2009

Alienation of Middle Income Americans

There's a reason for "the alienation and radicalization of white America," said Pat Buchanan in WorldNetDaily, and it has nothing to do with the election of Barack Obama, our first black president. In their lifetimes, traditional, middle-class whites "have seen their Christian faith purged from schools their taxes paid for," they've been mocked in movies and on TV, and now they're watching Wall Street banks bailed out as they "sweat their next paycheck." No wonder they distrust the government.

First, I dislike the term "middle class".
These politicos use that term and it's wrong. It's 'middle income'. We are supposedly a 'classless society'. You can take that two ways. One, lack of the term 'class' when referring to income, or just simply, the lack of class in general. You decide.

Well, it goes further then that actually. I think diversity brings intelligence, if not maturity and firm understanding. It levels the playing field.

In all my life, I've not judged anyone on their color, their politics, or anything but being a 'human being'... attentive, caring, unselfish in their desire to succeed for themselves,and those around them. Those that didn't (and I've met plenty of them) I simply disregarded and furthermore, disrespected..and then, finally just ignored. Still do.

More then that, I think American Corporate culture has put itself on an unrealistic pedestal of self-aggrandisement, that impacts the lives of all Americans (and other countries). This self imposed position has lost favor with all color of people. I see it all the time. Protectionism at its worst. Further, I get e-mails from people in Canada and Singapore and England, asking 'what's going on here'? I wish I knew. I ask my Congressman the same thing, and receive an answer with a "donotresponsed" return e-mail. He can send "automated response to me" but I can't to him.

So, as every normal American sweats the paycheck (if there is one), there are the capital hill folks and the corporate mavens, who continue to take all people of color (white, purple, and black) to the perennial bank of 'you get nothing', but we offer you hope as we bank our paychecks.

And that's a fact, Jack or Barack, or Sidney. Hey, and what about Bob?

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  1. Yes, hope. Isn't it great!?!? If only we could eat "hope", pay our tuition with "hope", cuddle up beneath "hope", burn "hope" when the Colorado air turns chilly, retire with the guarentee of "hope's" security...and so on. The way I see it, you either buy into the empty promise of hope (which is doing a HUGE disservice to low- and middle-income America) and wait for the government to fix your life, or you realize that the government is off-course/overinflated/drunk with power/completely inept and you use the gifts God gave you to put food on the table.


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